In-ovo mineral supplementation: a comprehensive analysis of broiler bone morphometry and structural implications

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Imran Ahmed
Nasir Rajput
Imdad Hussain Laghari
Nasir Mukhtar
Zahid Iqbal Rajput


This study aimed to investigate the impact of in-ovo feeding of macro (Ca, P, and Mg) and micro (Cu, Mn, and Zn) minerals on various bone parameters, gait score, black bone syndrome, lameness, and curled toe paralysis in broiler chickens. The experiment was conducted using a completely randomized design with seven treatment groups, including a control group. Results revealed that in-ovo administration of Ca significantly influenced (P<0.05) tibia, femur, keel bone, and metatarsus morphometry. Femur bone, keel bone and metatarsus bone ash contents were higher (P<0.05) in in-ovo Calcium administered birds, however, tibia ash was same across the groups. The Ca, P, Mg, Cu, Mn and Zn mineralization was higher (P<0.05) in respective in-ovo administered group. Moreover, in ovo Ca feeding positively influenced pododermatitis score, gait score, black bone syndrome score, lameness score, and curled toe paralysis score. In conclusion, in-ovo mineral supplementation, particularly with Ca, effectively enhanced broiler bone morphometry, bone ash and bone mineralization with positive impact on bone health and gait.

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Imran Ahmed, Rajput, N., Imdad Hussain Laghari, Nasir Mukhtar, & Zahid Iqbal Rajput. (2024). In-ovo mineral supplementation: a comprehensive analysis of broiler bone morphometry and structural implications. Pakistan Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 4(2), 165-175. Retrieved from


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