Impact of Online Classes on Academic Performance of University Students During Covid-19

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Dr. Asmara Irfan
Dr. Zuraidah Sulaiman
Hira Liaquat


The COVID-19 virus has changed whole system of the world; in education sector, institutions have switched their physical classes to online classes. Though online classes provide students with the opportunity of self-study but it is uncomfortable for many students and has a negative impact on student’s academic performance. Along with academic performance, academic integrity is questioned due to online classes. Therefore, the current study aimed to find out the impact of online classes (independent variable) on Baluchistan University students’ academic performance. A total of 500 university students from five different universities of Baluchistan have been selected to respond the questionnaire online. Results show that online classes have direct effect on academic performance.

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Irfan, D. A., Dr. Zuraidah Sulaiman, & Liaquat, H. (2021). Impact of Online Classes on Academic Performance of University Students During Covid-19. Pakistan Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 2(1), 1-8. Retrieved from


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